The 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing, Computer Networks and Communications (SPCNC2023)

Call For Papers

The 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing, Computer Networks and Communications (SPCNC2023) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

· Signal processing

Mixed signal processing

Multidimensional signal processing

Speech, audio and video signal processing and radar signal and data processing

Soft computing

Voice and video processing

Multimedia signal processing

Streaming media application

Image and video processing

Computer network and communication

Traffic modeling

Antenna and propagation

Grid computing

Mobile computing

Mobile database of multimedia and VoIP services and technology

System modeling

Virtual reality simulation technology and its application

Optical communication

RADIO frequency and microwave communication

Satellite communication

Ultra-wideband communication

Wireless communication and technology

Wireless network

Cross-layer design mesh network

Cooperative network sensor network

Programmable network security authentication and authorization

Data encryption

Other relate topics

· Computer Network and Communication

Digital signal processing

Communications software

Peer-to-peer computing and communications

Network virtualization

Optical communication

Assembly language programming

Coding theory

Network programming

Network security

Distributed systems

Operating systems

Data structure

Data communication

Signal processing

Information analysis and infrastructure

Wire sensors and communication networks

Electronic information engineering

Circuits and systems

Sensor networks

Remote sensing and satellite communications

Remote sensing signal and image processing

Mobile communications

Theory and practice of communication modeling

Microwave Technology and antennas

Other relate topics